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Is Google Making us Stupid?

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Is Technology Making Us Smarter or Dumber?

Search. Is Technology Making us Stupid? Nicholas Carr the author of Is Google Making Us Stupid. Technology, - Technology is Making Us Lazy and Fat My Account.

Essay about Technology is Making Us Lazy and Fat Need Writing Help?

Is Technology Making Us Dumb?

Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Technology: It’s Making Me Stupid Essay - As growing up in the “techie” generation, technology has had a major impact. The team for the motion that technology is making us dumb consisted of Andrew Keen and Nicholas Carr, against the opposing team Genevieve Bell and David Weinberger.

We are living in the age of technological wonders. Scientific breakthroughs and technological novelties draw as much public attention as news about wars, political scandals, and celebrities. The writer does define the issue, as the more dependent we become on technology the more brain-dead we become, correctly.

He does a good job of explaining what is happening, and the different psychology and neurology effects the internet has. May 20,  · A former columnist for the Guardian, Carr writes the popular blog Rough Type, and has written for The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Wired, Nature, MIT Technology Review and other periodicals.

His essays, including "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" and "The Great Forgetting," have been collected in several.

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