Herd behavior in financial market essay

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Herd Behavior in Financial Markets: An Experiment with Financial Market Professionals

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Behavioral economics

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Next Steps Cultural day we are able with decisions—some are easier to make than others. This paper aims mainly at building artificial stock markets with different maturity levels by modeling information asymmetry and herd behavior.

The developed artificial markets are multi-assets, order-driven and populated by agents having heterogeneous behaviors and information. Agents are defined. Abstract. This paper examines the causes of herd behavior in the Chinese stock market. Using the non-linear model of Chang, Cheng and Khorana (), we find robust evidence of herding in both the up and down markets.

Herd instinct is a mentality that is distinguished by a lack of individual decision-making or introspection, causing people to think and behave in similar fashion to those around them.

1 Experimental Work on Financial Market Herding Several papers have examined informational herding behavior in experimental settings; only a few employ efficient prices and none studies rational contrarianism.3 The first published experiment to test herding was Anderson and Holt (), albeit in a setting without moving prices.

In this paper, we shed light on the dynamic characteristics of rational group behaviors and the relationship between monetary policy and economic units in the financial market by using an agent-based model (ABM), the Hurst exponent, and the Shannon entropy.

"Herd behavior among all institutional investors increased significantly during the Korean economic crisis. " The authors observe that before the crisis, foreign institutional traders who resided in Korea tended to sell their "recently best performing stocks and buy the recently worse performing.

Herd behavior in financial market essay
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EconPapers: Herd Behavior in Financial Markets: An Experiment with Financial Market Professionals