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Read this essay on Icici Gd Topics. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Dream or reality? • Quality is a myth in India. • Education and success - Is there a correlation? • Role of women in development • Kids today are not what they used to be • Casteless India - A pipe dream • Should Trade Unionism.

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Kids today are not what they used to be Casteless India - A pipe dream Should Trade Unionism be banned in India Repeated elections - Should taxpayers pay for it? GROUP DISCUSSION TOPICS: 1. Present State of Indian Cricket Team. uploaded by.

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Jan 06,  · Casteless india will continue to be a dream unless something is done both at the top and at the bottom. The government both at the centre and in the states want from their citizens 'caste cerificates' for various purposes.

Aug 11,  · Best Answer: Perhaps not so much of a pipe-dream. It may happen in the next couple of generations if the pressure to reform is great enough. BUT note, that even in countries and societies where caste is not as formal as it is in India -- there still exists predjudice in Status: Resolved.

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Essay on casteless india a pipe dream
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