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The Belgian Essays: A Critical Edition

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- Emily Bronte Emily Bronte was born on July 30th,the 5th child of the Reverend Patrick Bronte, a stern Evangelical curate, and his wife Maria.

When Emily was three years old, her mother died of cancer, and her Aunt Branwell, a strict Calvinist, moved in to help raise the children. Emily Brontë, The Belgian Essays: a critical edition, ed.

and translated by Sue Lonoff (New Haven; London: Yale University Press, ), p. Written by John Bowen John Bowen is a Professor of 19th century literature at the University of York.

Virginia Woolf provides insight into her early life in her autobiographical essays, including Reminiscences (), 22 Hyde Park Gate () and A Sketch of the Past (). Other essays that provide insight into this period include Leslie Stephen ().

The Belgian Essays has 10 ratings and 0 reviews. Venturing out of Yorkshire for the first time in their lives, the Bronte sisters Charlotte and Emily tra /5(10).

Emily bronte belgian essays
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